Some pools Melbourne are of the vinyl liner type so unlike concrete type swimming pools these types have vinyl membrane that seals in the water. These pools typically are outfitted with either metal or thermoplastic walls underneath as well as around the perimeter, but the floor underneath is usually thin cement or sand. Some people prefer this type of pool because they are quicker to build and most of all less expensive than gunite pools.

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Vinyl liners will fade over time due to the chemicals used in treating the water and of course the sun. Water sanitizers can strip off properties in the liners that reveal their resiliency but today there are available pool liners on the market that are manufactured to be more resistant to chemicals used in cleaning pools. Moreover, swimming pool liners these days are thicker and sturdier compared to the old ones. If you think that your pool might have a leak, you can ask your builder to check for holes and have it patched up as soon as possible or you can DIY by purchasing a dry or wet patch kit.

If your vinyl swimming pool has a leak, do not drain the water for the reason that the water holds the liner tight against the pool walls. If the pool is drained, then expect that the liner has to be reset. The no water condition of your vinyl swimming pool can lead to large creases and folds that will let the water seep in the rear that will cause the backside of the sand to wash out and the walls to collapse. This is due to the alteration in pressure. So if you have to go this far with your pool then it is wise to consult an experienced pool technician.

Vinyl liners come in all sorts of colours and styles, thickness and shapes. It is very important to buy a liner with the size that’s according to the dimension and form of your pool so it doesn’t come out of the track. This usually happens when the liner isn’t centered or small for the pool. Inground pool liner replacement should be done by the professional pool contractor because they have the necessary tools and skill to install the liner correctly. Usually they empty the pool first then they make sure that they measure the length, width and depth carefully from the wraps around the wall. They then, remove only the necessary bolts and the liner lock that clamps down the liner. After this process they will cut, remove and make sure to recycle the liner appropriately.

Pools Melbourne come in various forms, shapes, looks and make. It is vital for you to determine what you and your family think will suit your way of life as well as the level of maintenance that you can afford so you get to enjoy your swimming pool for many years problem-free.


If you are one of the many lucky persons in this world who owns one of those stunning plunge pools Melbourne then chances are that you are already aware of its numerous advantages. It is a big asset to have a swimming pool regardless of size, style and look installed in your property, as it enhances its value and curb appeal, if you ever wanted to sell it. Having a swimming pool in your yard also levels up your status, plus you get a regular source of healthy exercise to maintain your fitness, and it´s fun and enjoyable for your family, too.

However, having your own pool will make a great demand of your time, effort and money as you need to maintain it regularly. Pools must be clean, and disinfected on a regular basis, to ensure that nothing will ruin your family’s water-related activities. Swimming pools are great during the hot season and also during the cold months if you have a good working pool heater installed since this is the most convenient and economical way to approach the nasty cold weather issue. You can turn your heating device just to warm the water enough for your morning laps or late afternoon swimming or at any time of the day.

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If you choose to heat up your outdoor swimming pool, it pays to read some valuable tips that can help you decide which kind of swimming pool heaters are more suitable for you to pick and buy. To begin, you need to settle on what kind of energy you want to consume to heat up your pool water, as you can find first-rate swimming pool heaters that run on gas, oil, electricity or solar energy. Your choice must be based on the size of your pool and your budget.

1. Gas pool heaters make use of fossil fuel and there are inevitable emissions but are the fastest in heating up pools and best in maintaining the temperature.

2. Electric pool heaters will run up your power bill but are most preferred by many because they are effective and environmentally cleaner as well.

3. Solar pool heaters entail you to make huge investment initially but you can enjoy swimming in heated pool water for free the whole year round and more importantly you are not contributing to the pollution of the planet.

Swimming pool technology has come a long way since the first pools were constructed. Today, those who are planning to put one in their premises can find oodles of gizmos and gadgets that are automated which are premeditated to make pool maintenance easier. Pools can be customized to suit your needs, way of life and space. Keep in mind that before you can build your dream pool, you will have to apply for council permits which can take months to be granted before the construction process can commence. Labour costs are the same for plunge pools Melbourne, so you better look for a fantastic builder to ensure you get more bang for your buck.


Search for a well-known pool construction firm when you want to make your dream place a reality. It’s the best way to go if you want an A-1 quality of work. You have to confess and own up what you have been dreaming while you were at work or in bed like being in a tropical island resort or in a nice and comfy timber hut with a magnificent swimming pool next to it. Perhaps an island vacation was what you may have been planning all along. On the contrary how can you do so when your job needs you and you need your employment? Well, most people just sleep off their dreams, but you know that you can do more than that by making your dreams come to life.

If you really want to pursue your pool building plans, then it is just right for you to start making a research. Look at various types and styles of pools as well as look for good companies that are caring enough to consider your financial capability but will build you a pool that will last for many years. Most of all, you’ll have the pool that you want built exactly the way you envisioned it. You just have to believe that fantastic dreams can and do exist and there are fantastic companies that are more than willing to help you make your dream place a reality which means that your dream swimming pool can be yours right in your own yard. Why spend on a lot of money on expensive travels when you can get the best builder to help you build your backyard oasis and add a nice hut beside it sans tearing your wallet apart.

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The functionality of your pool and your nice little hut will surely give you the supreme comfort and place to stay protected from the sun and rain. Hence you and your family or friends will always have the good times regardless of the weather in your new awesome resting and entertainment place which you can put outside your dwelling. It does not have to take you a lot of money, time and effort to build your very own haven if you choose to hire a well-experienced builder. You just have to be vocal about your wants and special preferences so your pool will be customized according to your specifications.

You always desire a stunning area to enliven you after a hard day’s work or during your relaxation time.
By all means, build something that has a class of its own even if it is uncomplicated, natural and simple but certainly its middle name is serene and tranquility. Just make sure to communicate well with the design and construction crew all the things you would like to be considered for your ease and good use. Naturally you do not want to be upset in the end when you spend your money unto something you are not happy and satisfied with. Pool construction is a great means to put the best exotic addition to your own backyard.


Most of us have ecstatically jumped and splashed in public swimming pools sans thinking about safety and cleanliness of the water. The truth is only a few people think about what could be living in that inviting and sparkling water because most swimmers assume that it is highly chlorinated, hence its germ free. Whilst it is correct as well as true that through proper chlorination pathogens such as E. coli and Shigella are killed, it is worthwhile to know that there are other parasites living in the water even with high levels of chlorine. Are you one of those thinking of building your own pool because you want your family to enjoy swimming safely? Before anything else, it pays to make a research on pool builders and get to know the best and reliable builders near you.

It isn’t really healthy and advisable to swim in public pools especially if you do not know how well the owners and maintenance crew keep the pool clean. It is worthwhile to note that there are two pathogens that are commonly present in water parks and public pools; Cryptosporidium and Giardia that are found to cause diarrhea and other illnesses. These pathogens can withstand even high concentrations of chlorine and can survive up to two weeks in chlorinated pool water.

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These harmful pathogens are transmitted when infected stool gets into the pool water and comes in contact with the swimmer’s mouth. More often than not swimmers ingest pool water unintentionally especially kids, leading to infection since Cryptosporidium is an intestinal parasite. Come to think of it, even doctors say that there is no reliable treatment for Cryptosporidium and Gardia caused infection can endure for months. Even though most people already are aware that contamination of pool water is common, swimming still is for most people, a fun as well as healthy pursuit and leisure interest.

Outstanding builder of pools are aware of swimming pool etiquette and most do share these things to new swimming pool owners and operators as well. If you have a pool in your property, it is beneficial to teach your family members the ways to prevent water illnesses by keeping the pool water clean. It is not proper to swim when you have diarrhea because you can easily spread germs in the water therefore can make other people sick. Children must also be taught never to swallow the pool water. It is also important to take a shower before jumping into the pool to get rid of germs.

If you are completely horror-struck and dismayed about these facts and worried by what might lie in wait in the public pool water, it may be best for you to set up a “water park” for your little tykes in your own garden. You can start by purchasing a small plastic pool and water balloons if you can’t afford to build a concrete swimming pool yet. Rest assured that this route can be just as fun, much healthier and most of all less expensive. When you think you are ready to put in a family pool in your property, contact 2-3 good pool builders, ask for a quote then compare before you decide.


If you want to know how to resurface a pool patio, the best thing to do is to ask a good builder of swimming pools Melbourne. A pool is an investment that may cost you a lot of money, so it is a wise move not to try to do things yourself instead acquire the services of a professional even if you just plan to sand down an old concrete surface, so you can spice things up with a magnificent new colour treatment. You may want to have a look at the things that you need to do if you want to DIY your pool resurfacing project.

  1. Prepare the Area
  2. Shot-Blast the Pool Deck
  3. Repair Any Cracks
  4. Pressure-Wash the Surface
  5. Mask off the Area
  6. Spray on Micro-Topping
  7. Spray Color Stain on Coping
  8. Stain the Pool Deck

Part of the first step which is to clear the area means that you need to move outdoor furnishings and other items out of the area before you can tape sheets of bubble wrap to the inside edge of  your pool to keep the area free from debris.

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When you proceed to the next step which is to shot-blast the swimming pool deck you must sand damaged concrete and if you don’t have the tool, you surely would have to spend some cash for renting one. This phase can be a really dirty job plus since it can also be too dusty, you must wear a mask and ensure that you clothe yourself appropriately.

Work your way around the entire area with the machines before you can proceed to start repairing any cracks in the patio. Should you need to fill large cracks, you would definitely need a concrete wet saw to help you cut around large cracks. In this stage alone, you surely would think that you had better hired professional workers to do it who can effortlessly fill all cracks with wet concrete patch.

For the next step, when you see that the concrete patches are dry, wash away any particles and dust left after using the shot-blaster. You need to use pressure-wash to clean the entire deck surface before masking off areas that do not need new concrete surface. Again you need to tape plastic sheets on the area. Unless you think and feel certain that you can handle the next step well by yourself. It is best to contract with a professional pool building company because they have all the equipment needed to do the job fast and easy.

Why waste your time and effort trying to do it yourself when you can pay for a skilled worker to resurface your pool deck? Your trusted contractor of swimming pools Melbourne can send a well-trained staff that can use a power sprayer to apply concrete micro-topping material and you’ll surely see a uniform application done effortlessly. You must know that this work can be tricky to achieve without the help of an experienced worker.